Free Online German Lessons For Beginners

Exeter University Beginners' German

From the German Department of the University of Exeter, this free online German course is for beginners, and contains twenty chapters of dialogue and exercises on the German language. The course is designed as an introduction to German for the absolute beginner, and provides additional information such as life and culture in all the major German-speaking countries.

The Exeter University free online Beginners' German course involves the use of sound files containing a series of conversations; online pronunciation guide (with sound files too); full glossary of vocabulary used in the course; an online dictionary; guide to the German alphabet and the German language; explanations of the key points of grammar; grammar exercises using Question Mark Perception and software; an online verb table for regular and irregular verbs; vocabulary exercises and Internet scavenger hunts; and history and culture of the German-speaking countries.

BBC Languages: German

BBC has also been offering web-based free online German lessons and courses for beginners and intermediates, using methods such as audio guide to slang, basic grammar etc. The beginner’s course is a self-contained online course, which includes lessons by Topics such as Meeting People, Food and Drink, Getting around Berlin, Shops and Services etc; Grammar, Fast track, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Cultural notes, Learning Log, and User guide.

The BBC free online German beginner’s course also features special tools such as Talk German, a course with TV series, book and website; Quick Fix, printable holiday phrases with audio and mp3 download and for mobile phones; and Deutsch Plus, a longer course with TV series, book and website. is a free online German learning course that incorporates 10 German lessons for total beginners. The beginner’s course is an overview of basic German grammar rules, assisted by concise grammar tables. The grammar tables, on the other hand, are accompanied by graded German exercises. In order to illustrate the German grammar rule, example sentences are also included with the exercises.

Additional features of this site include study tips, international pen pals, chat, famous quotations, and an online German dictionary to translate German terms into 70 languages including French, English, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, and more. / German / German is a web-service that offers totally free German courses, exercises and exams for beginners. Main features include designing your own German worksheets, German language forum discussions, and interactive features such as German sound examples, Vocabulary trainers, Online tests, and Pictures.

The Beginner’s course include

1.Lesson: Getting Started
2.Lesson: Describing yourself and others
3.Lesson: Talking about doing things
4.Lesson: The family and around the house
5.Lesson: Talking about time and schedules
6.Lesson: Eating and drinking
7.Lesson: Shopping and Clothing

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