Reasons Why You Should Consider Home School Your Children

Every kid goes to some kind of school for education, whether it’s private, or public, or a boarding school. Whatever type of school the kid goes, the purpose of going to school is to learn, in whatever environment is best for you. So what if your child’s best environment is just right in your own living room? Have you ever considered the option of home school? You might be thinking, “Oh, I can’t home school my kids because I couldn’t stand to be around them all day long,” or “Wouldn’t teaching him at home affect my child’s social skills?” These are both some common misconceptions that people have about home school, but they are totally wrong. The truth is, there are many reasons why people do choose to home school their kids.

Why Should I Home School My Children?

There are many reasons why people will consider home school for their child’s education. First, it gives their family more “together time,” and it allows them to spend more quality time with their children when they are rested, as opposed to when they are cranky from being at school. Parents also argue that at home, they get to choose the curriculum they want. The advantages of this are that they are not forced to make their children finish the seemingly pointless “busy work” that is often sent home as homework. They can also allow their children to learn things that are not usually taught in school, and it gives the children a chance to into a more in-depth study of any particular subject of interest. In home school, children can learn at their own pace and at their own developmental comfort level. (In other words, home school is more customized to one particular child, thus allowing them to learn better.) Testing and grading are optional in home school. Many parents argue that this allows their child to experience working for their own satisfaction as opposed to just earning a certain grade.

There are also many social benefits of home school too. For example peer pressure is usually reduced a great deal because there are fewer children pressuring your child to dress a certain way, listen to a certain type of music, or think a certain way. Also, children in home school can choose the people who they interact with socially based on their common interests; they are not forced to interact with classmates whom they have nothing in common with. Also, the friends that your child can get to know will be more varied, especially in age.

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