Exploratory essay – It is a Learning Process for Both the Reader and the Writer

Exploratory Essay -Write as You Learn
This type of essay as the very name suggests, explores the topic chosen, from all possible angles. It has no definite argument or position on the given subject and simply explores the theme. Exploratory essays are ‘flow essays’ that reach to a conclusion as the writer progresses more into the topic by exploring and analyzing it. So this essay is not the test of knowledge, it tests the learning capacity of a writer. As he researches into a topic and analyses it, he learns more on the subject, and this whole process is represented to the reader in the essay, who also becomes aware of the topic as a whole.
There are no arguments in the paper as the chief aim of the paper is to reach to a conclusion. So it seeks to explore the chosen subject as a whole, by avoiding the method of induction. It seeks to develop and learn by exploring and not by placing arguments in front of the reader. An exploratory essay has no fixed structure or format so to say. Since the whole essay is an answer to a question, it has no particular thesis statement too. The essay explores all the possibilities on a topic, and all possible questions related to this subject are explored and analysed, to get to an answer. This entire process is represented in front of the reader who reads the whole essay, learns the developmental processes as the writer goes on exploring and comes to the same conclusion as presented by the writer. It aims to answer all possible questions that may arise in the minds of the reader and writer both, without giving any opinion for or against the subject. By reading this paper the reader will learn along with the writer. So it is a learning process for all the concerned people. These essays are written with a complete understanding of the subject. So the writer should always choose a subject that he has some basic knowledge on and can develop on it further. A topic should always be chosen with care so that it gives the best exposure to the writer and allows him to produce his best exposure to.
Exploratory essays follow the formatting pattern as in any other essay type. APA/MLA/Harvard/Chicago formats, as set by the instructor, should be strictly adhered to and correct citations and references should be given to avoid any charges of plagiarism.
Exploratory essays can be written only if the writer understands all the processes leading to the conclusion very well. Once he understands and learns well he can write well too, thus allowing the reader to learn better. This is comparatively an easy writing process as it involves no presentation of arguments or counter arguments. It requires simply the writing down of a process learnt and understood, in simple but well organised manner. Avoid using jargons and too any difficult terms so as to avoid confusing the reader.
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