Personal Essay Topics-A Guide to Take You Through

Pick a topic which seems private but is essentially public

The first aspect to remember while writing a personal essay is to understand your inner self. There are many important features to be included in a personal essay. To make it effective, choosing ideal personal essay topics will help you succeed in getting an A+ for your paper.
Before writing a personal essay you should understand yourself personally. You can choose personal essay topics thar are close to your heart and will reach the heart of others. These topics are the key to the whole essay. The topic should be funny or at least have a tinge of wit in it, sarcasm might as well work! Choosing a topic can be very difficult while writing an essay, but nonetheless it should be done carefully.
There are many topics to choose from when you have to write a personal essay. It should be and get the reader to believe that you are right. Given below are a few personal essay topics which might help you in your conquest.
• Describe your first day at a new school.
• Describe the most embarrassing moment in your life.
• Have you ever been scared by a ghost during your childhood?
• Describe the most terrifying nightmare you have ever had.
• Have you ever run away from home?
• Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
• Describe a time your parents embarrassed you.
• Describe your best friend.
• Describe what you would want to see yourself as in 10 years from now.
• Describe your favorite book or movie which has influenced you a lot.
The core of a personal essay can be understood by just looking at the topic. It should be personal, which makes people relate to the topic and to you. Writing a personal essay is not essentially easy, but when you look at it from a different perspective it would actually seem like you are pouring out your feelings to your best friend.
Use proper citations like Harvard, MLA or APA format which will take your essay to a higher altitude. Avoid choosing topics that would cause uneasiness to you or other people who read your essay.
To summarize, personal essay topics should be chosen with great care as the topic is what defines the entire essay and also your individuality. Writing with flawless grammar and correct spelling will also help you with the essay. An improved vocabulary standard is something which is necessary. Be personal and be sure to etch your story in the mind of the reader but do not choose any topic that may seem controversial or debatable because it is supposed to be a personal essay.
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