A Basic Guide To writing A Good Personal Essay And A Selection Of Personal Essay Topics

Basics Of Writing A Personal Essay And Choice Of Topics
Personal essay as the name suggests is talking and describing yourself in writing. This form of essay is very commonly used while writing college essays as a personal statement. This is a good opportunity where one can present oneself in the best light if written thoughtfully,honestly and with care. It can become a platform where you can voice your opinions , air your views and share your innermost thoughts without any resevations what so ever and unlike a research proposal example there is no need to worry about facts and figures.
This type of essay can be varied, interesting and extremely eyecatching if written well and a proper essay format is followed. While writing for college essays this can be the best way to present yourself to the selection committee. You can write about yourself ,you can present your likes and dislikes, your opinions your personal experiences from everyday life. The introduction of the essay should be such that it raises the curiosity of the reader immediately and inspires him to read further.The rest of the essay should be conversational and easy flowing so that the person who is reading it feels that you are talking to him. The reader who cannot visually see you should be able to to picture you through your writing, such should be impact.Personal opinions and feelings should be so presented that the reader also feels the same.
A good personal essay cannot be written in one day. It involves a lot of practice. First you need to choose a topic from your own personal experiences. You need to decide which experience you can best relate to. Once you decide on the topic then the outline has to be prepared describing the entire happening and narrate it in an attractive way.
The language of the essay should be kept simple as possible and care should be taken to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Citations and quotations may be given with proper credit given to the author.It must be kept in mind that while writing one should be careful in saying too much or keeping too many things unsaid as both can prove to be harmful. The beauty of the essay lies in where the writer knows exactly when to stop.
One important thing in writing personal essay is in choosing the correct topic. Given below are various topics which would help a writer in choosing what he wants to write about.
- Describe one incident which has changed your way of thinking
- Everybody has some secret fear hidden inside. What is yours? Have you thought of any way which could help you to overcome the fear?
- Describe one person in your family who has influenced you and whom you think you can look upto.
- Narrate some incident from your life which has happened very suddenly without any prior intimation and which has made you very happy.
- Discuss what were your ambitions when you were a child and how they have changed as you grew up and if they havent changed then why do you want to stick to your childhood dreams and aspirations
- What are your hobbies. how do you relate to your hobbies on a day you are especially feeling down and out.
- Describe the community in which you live. What sort of social acitivities do you participate in as a part of the community .
- A loss of a close and loved one and the impact it left in your mind
- A failure you suffered and what you learnt from it
- Twenty years from now what would like to see yourself as , what changes would you like to see around yourself, what changes you wish would not happen.
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