Essay Format as Directions of Writing

Did you know that there are different essay formats based on the direction of writing? You should be aware of the different purposes in writing because this will give you more flexibility in discussing a topic. When you choose a subject to write about, you should also consider the different essay formats available for you. So what are these types of writing purposes?
Descriptive essay – this is the kind of article that will help you identify the features of the subjects at hand.
Argumentative essay – this one includes the process of discussing the different parameters of arguments in a topic.
Narrative essay – this essay format is for those who are not really keen in researching. It is simply a type of essay that will tell narratives or stories.
Classification essay – this type intends to group things according to some partitioning and unifying aspects.
Persuasive essay format – you can write your conditions here to influence the mindset of the readers.
Cause and Effect essay – an essay type that will introduce logical flows of discussions. You should have a topic that involves events and creations of things.
There are still other essay formats that you can consider in writing. It should not be all about the structure of the essay. You can also consider the essay format to be something that relates to directions of writing.
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