An overview of 5 paragraph essay topics

The 5 paragraph essays are simply developed with the help of five paragraphs which mainly comprise of the following:
1. Introduction
2. Body consisting of several paragraphs
3. Conclusion
This format is mainly followed so as to provide sufficient information and to support and explain the ideas present in the topic in a systematic and well-structured manner. Any type of excellent essay contains this structure. Similarly, a 5 paragraph essay is already the one which has these key ingredients which makes it more lucid and easy to understand.
The 5 paragraph essays can take any form that is they can either be responsive, research-based, persuasive, argumentative or of any other form. You just need to stick to the basics, for instance, if your examiner has told to write an essay about myself then you will have to sum up the information about yourself in 5 – paragraphs.
One more thing you need to remember is whether you are excelling in any language and whether you want to write effective Urdu essays or English essays. You will not be able to write a good essay unless you are able to choose a good topic. While selecting 5 paragraph essay topic avoid choosing a topic that is too comprehensive, choose a topic that is specific. However, make sure that you are able to put down the key ideas in the body.
The examiners, to test your knowledge, sometimes give only those 5 paragraph essay topics which have relevance in today’s world. These mainly include topics such as ‘difference between the recent recession and the past recessions’. While attempting such topics, do a thorough research, explain current events related to your topic, define them, argue in favor or against your topic. This will define your 5 paragraph essay topic and you will be able to write a good essay. Below you can see some of the good examples of essay topics that are asked in majority of colleges.
Examples of a 5 Paragraph essay topic
• The objectives of the World Bank
• Levels of Employment across the world
• Current scenario of ill-use of drugs and teens
• Environmental concerns prevailing all around the world
• The purpose of the United Nations
• Recent reports and articles in the media
• The effect of the advanced technology in the 21st century
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