Controversial Essay Topics

There are many sensitive issues today, that have the potential of creating negative vibes in the society if they are not tackled carefully. One should always be heedful while writing on any one of these controversial essay topics, as any wrong mention can get him/her in serious trouble.

Though every person is said to have the freedom of expression in an independent nation, there are certain controversial topics, both controversial speech topics and essay topics. These, when commented on, can get a person in grave difficulty. Either the person may find himself in legal complications or may get showered with abuses for expressing his views. While essay-writing on controversial essay topics, it is essential to be reasonable without any biased thoughts. When you start thinking anew about such topics, it highlights the points that you missed initially. This can give an entirely new direction to your essay.

Writing an essay on such controversial essay topics is quite risky. Different people have different opinions on such topics. Following are some writing tips that may be beneficial while writing on such argumentative topics.
• It is always suggested that whatever view you have about a topic, it is better to keep a mellow tone about it.
• While writing controversial topics for essays, you may write your opinions about the issue, but don't forget to think about the other side too.
• If you still have an extreme impression, express in mild words and with a proper explanation for every claim you make.
• Avoid pointing to a particular person or writing about unknown facts without proof.
• If you have firm and legally binding proofs about certain facts, then you should mention.
Below is a general and non-prioritized classification of the fields from where the most controversial persuasive essay topics get generated.

Although the literal meaning of the word 'politics' is 'the art of enforcing rules and regulations effectively for the betterment of the people', its current definition has been altered to 'a fight for power and money'. Like all other fields, politics too has a bright as well as a dark side. Nevertheless, currently it has bent more towards the darker side. To achieve greatness and money, many political leaders misuse their power by creating social rifts among people using religion and other controversies.

This topic has been the most controversially sought-after topic, since religion evolved ages before politics. There are about 21 major world religions today with billions and billions of people following each one of them. People of one religion may have certain issues with the beliefs of another religion. This may lead to a dispute, that can possibly get violent if the argument is not handled tactfully by the respective leaders.

The debates related to this issue are as old as religion; perhaps even older. In spite of the proof that differences in physical appearances of different people are due to the varied climatic conditions of different places, people still try to claim their superiority over others on the basis of skin color. The age old custom and tradition of each person has been set up on the basis of some logical reasoning. People challenging these aspects should have extremely valid and legitimate reasons to do so, which in many cases does not happen.

The arguments related to this topic are as devastating as the effects of an actual war. Every party involved in the war has their own reason to participate in the destructive cause. With the nation's efforts concentrated on the war, the civilian life gets disrupted to a great extent, thus causing anti-social activities to step up. Numerous innocent lives are lost in the process, and at the end the negative outcomes outweigh any positive results.

This is the root cause of all wars, major killings and militant activities all over the world. Some anti-social elements take legal affairs in their hands, in an attempt to decide the fate of the world. Terrorism can be for political, religious or ideological reasons. It instigates fear in the minds of 'common men' so that they follow the ways of these anti-social elements.

Many countries prohibit the use of some hazardous drugs, as they believe it to be a slow poison that weakens the nation's future. Some social groups strive to legalize the use of drugs only for monetary gains.

Mass Media
With the growing fad of television and publicity, people have started selling their morals without thinking. Media was once said to be the source of true and valid information. Nowadays, with growing competition, the same media has focused its priorities towards revenue than authenticity.

These topics may prove excellent options for argumentative research paper topics. Many truths regarding controversial cases have come forth because of people who research on these argumentative essay topics while writing their papers or thesis. There are many more controversial essay topics, nevertheless, the above mentioned topics are the most discussed ones.
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