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Interesting Ideas for Compare Contrast Essay Topics

A compare contrast essay is a very interesting assignment. This type of essay follows a certain question and is fairly simple to write. There are two main formats for writing a compare and contrast type essay. You should be well aware of both these formats as you need to ensure that your essay follows a correct structure. However, the most critical part lies in researching Compare Contrast Essay Topics. It is extremely important that you spend a significant amount of time on your essay topic and select a good one to base your essay on.
The success of your essay depends greatly on the kind of topic that you select. Your essay can be as frivolous or as intellectual as you like – it depends entirely on what you choose to write about. The good news is, when it comes to this type of essay there is a huge selection of topics that you can choose from. Take a look at some essay topics for your compare contrast essay.
Frivolous Topics for Compare Contrast Essays
The following are examples of Compare Contrast Essay Topics that are frivolous. Naturally these topics are not suitable for important research assignments as they lack the seriousness and intellectual aspect required for research essays and thesis essay writing. These topics are however suitable for short essay writing assignments.
Compare and contrast:
1. Halloween night and prom night.
2. A best friend with a hated enemy.
3. Music and movies.
4. Watching movies in cinemas and watching movies at home.
Essay Categories for Compare Contrast Papers
Take a look at some different categories and the Compare Contrast Essay Topics under them. A good idea would be to first think about the category you are interested in and then look at the topics under that particular category.
1. People and Personalities
Compare and contrast:
• Adolf Hitler with Osama Bin Laden.
• Abraham Lincoln with Thomas Jefferson.
• Joseph Stalin with Adolf Hitler.
2. Wars, Revolution and Governments
Compare and contrast:
• Russia as it is now with the former USSR.
• Communism and democracy.
• Nazism and fascism.
3. Time Periods and Eras
Compare and contrast:
• The 17th Century with the current Century.
• The music in the 1960s with the muisc in the 1990s.
• The past with the present.
4. Science and Technology
Compare and contrast:
• Things invented and things discovered.
• Tornadoes and blizzards.
• Thunder and lightning.
5. Flora and Fauna
Compare and contrast:
• Home grown flowers with common weeds.
• A pet fish with a pet turtle.
• The Hammerhead shark with the White shark.
Besides these categories there are many more categories form which you can select Compare Contrast Essay Topics. Some other categories that you could think about are Geography, Religion, Sports, Adventure, Health, Fitness and even Human Interest. There are a number of possible fascinating topics for compare contrast essays that fall under these categories.
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