Comparison Essay Writing

Two Ways to Write a Comparison Essay.

If you plan to write a Comparison Essay that is easy for your readers to comprehend, you need to begin your essay writing by first listing down the similarities and differences in your notebook or on a piece of paper. Read through your list and see whether the similarities are more significant or the differences are more significant. In order to write a good essay, you need to begin your essay by discussing whichever of the two is less significant. This should be followed by the one which is more significant. It would be a lot simpler to just base your essay only on the similarities or only on the differences. However, your essay can also discuss both of them.
There are two ways in which you can organise your Comparison Essay. You should pick the method that best suits your list. The most important thing is the main thesis point that you place in your essay regarding the two things being compared. There is no point in starting your essay unless you have a valid point that either supports or disproves your similarities and differences. The point that you make must shape the rest of your essay. Discuss only points that relate to your similarities or differences. If you feel that some of your points don’t have any relation to your comparisons, take them out of your essays. Ensure that the main point is clearly expressed in your essay.
Method 1
Use this method to write your Comparison Essay if you have numerous tiny similarities or/and differences. Complete your introduction, discuss everything that needs to be discussed regarding the first work or first character and then proceed to the second part of the essay. Discuss the second work or second character. Now compare and contrast every item in the second with the same item in the first. In this essay format, all the comparing and contrasting, with the exception of your main point statement which should be placed at the start, goes into the essay’s second part.
Method 2
This method should be used when you have very few, big similarities or differences. Once your introduction is complete, in the following paragraph, write about a single similarity or difference in both works and/or characters. After this, move on to the next paragraph to the next similarity or difference in both. Go on to the third and fourth paragraph in the same manner until you finish writing your essay. If you are writing about similarities as well as differences, mix them up in such a way that in every part you discuss the less important first and follow it with the more important. For this format, you need to compare and contrast in every single middle part.
The following essay format may be helpful when it comes to writing your essay. However, make sure that you do not limit yourself with this structure.
1. Introduction including thesis
2. First similarity
1st work
 2nd work
3. Second similarity
1st work
2nd work
4. First difference
1st work
2nd work
5. Second difference
1st work
2nd work
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