National Association for Business Economics

During school last year, there was a guest speaker in one of my Economics classes. He told us about the organization he was a member of and how it helped him with his business. He was a member of the National Association for Business Economics. I became intrigued after his lecture and looked into this organization myself. I found out what the organization is about and how it impacts the professional or, more directly, the business world.
The National Association for Business Economics, or NABE, was founded in 1959 and is an association of professionals who have an interest in business economics and who want to use the latest economic data and trends to enhance their ability to make sound business decisions. It represents businesses worldwide and also has members in large companies and corporations in the United States. Its main goal is to help business owners understand economics and allows them to succeed in opening and maintaining successful businesses. With leaders such as Alan Greenspan being presidents of this association, NABE attracts an influential amount of people into their organization. Their website, which I found most of the information about them, has links that can let you join and also to find charters around you or even help you find economists that deal with NABE and help with understanding different situations in the economy.
During a time such as now, when we are in a recession or just coming out of one, it is important to know what business decisions are a good investment and what will cost you in the short or long run. There are links on their website to economic reports in your area so you can see which types of businesses are failing and which are growing.
As I study to receive my Bachelors in Business Administration, I would like to know how the economy is doing, so that when I graduate, I can know what field in the corporate world would be good for me to come into. I would not want to work for a company that is on its way out the door. The economic reports also would help me in my career so that I could bring ideas to my bosses that might help them be more prosperous and help the company grow.
The National Association for Business Economics is a good organization for not only business owners, but for those who would like to succeed in their companies and maybe start one of their own today. By keeping up to date on the data and trends in the economic world, it will allow you to be a success and help your career evolve into a brighter one.

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