Topic: Describe how to make your favorite dish.
I am a student who has lived far away from my hometown. I have no chance to be near my parents. The thing I remember the most is meal, which my mother usually cooked for my family. Although my mother is not a professional cook and the dishes she cooks is also very simple, I still like and remember. The dish I like most is dried catfish. I have little time to return my hometown to enjoy my favorite dish made by my mother. Therefore, I had to try learning how to make it for myself.
Before I could begin, I had to ask my mother the recipe. She instructed apprentices in detail to me. I wish I could make a good dish for whole my family when I have time to return home. I am sure that my mother will be very happy and proud of me. Eventually, I went to the supermarket to buy the catfish and indispensable spices. I tried to choose a stout one. I hope that I will make a juicy and tasty.
First, wash the catfish thoroughly with salt and cut into pieces. Next, whittle a bulb of ginger and mince it up. Finally, scent the catfish with the ingredients: pepper, salt, sugar, ginger.
After the catfish adsorbed, I begin to cook the fish. First, arrange them into a pot. After this, put it on the cooking stove and cook in fifteen minutes with small fire. Note that let the cover open slightly in odder the cooking pot not to overflow. Then flavor the fish with a spoon of fish sauce. When the fish have a golden look and juicy smell, I put the pot down. Finally, lay the dish to enjoy. The dish has the golden look and delicious smell.
Now I can make the dish for myself. I am very happy that I can make it. I am looking forward to have a chance to cook the dish for the dish am very simple and rural but it for my whole family. My mother will be happy and proud of me.

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