Comparison Essay

Comparison Essay
Previously we have discussed some related tasks for you to write a compare and contrast essay. Now, we will concentrate on a sub branch of such an article where we will still compare two or more things, a comparison essay may be written in such a procedure. What is the main difference between compare and contrast essay and a comparison essay? Actually when you write essays in a compare and contrast manner, you have two main goal in writing. The first one is to compare meaning to identify two or more attributes that are the same between two compared objects. On the other hand, contrasting means to differentiate the attributes that you can find between the two same objects being observed. For a comparison essay, your only main goal is to look for qualities of people, place, event or object that are the same with respect to each of the two subjects. That is why a comparison essays may be regarded as a document which is simpler than a compare and contrast essays.
There are several things that you should remember in writing an assignment writing coursework in the perspective of comparison. First of which is by selecting a topic. The topic interest must involve the presentation of two or more ideas or subjects. This is the basic requirements for you to conduct comparisons. A topic that compares the physical qualities of an item, the characters of two persons and the significance of events can all be good sources of topics.
Another pointer for you to consider in writing a comparison essay is by making sure your thesis statement actually intends to compare two things. This is the major limitation of a comparison essay because you are forced to compare the items that you are going to write about. Of course if this is not the case, then it will refute the goal of writing a comparison essay in the first place. Try to firs acquire an essay or dissertation example that conducts comparisons if you are still clueless about writing a thesis statement.
If you are going to compare two things, it is crucial that you first find the major similarity aspect of the subjects you are gong to talk about. For example, you can compare two persons for both male and female. This is the starting point of your discussion so that you can narrow down to more specific attributes in a smoother way. You can then list some similarities or some aspects that are possessed by both individuals.
In some cases, writing a comparison essay may also be done in a “negative” way. This means that you can actually still compare two things by finding only the differences between them. This is a little different from writing a compare and contrast essay because your single goal is to compare the subjects based on their contrasting characteristics. Of course you need to be very creative and imaginative in writing such a comparison essay in the said style.
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