Use of Referring to a Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Use of Referring to a Compare and Contrast Essay SampleCompare and Contrast Essay Samples will Demonstrate how to Identify Similarities and Differences
A compare and contrast essay is an essay in which the students will have to compare and contrast two variables. This essay is a common high school or college essay assignment. At the outset students will have to identify the similarities and the differences of the presented variables and then write about this in the essay in a logical and easy to follow style. Those who find it hard to grasp the concept involved can refer to a good compare and contrast essay sample.
Points to Cover
Similar to writing many essays such as argumentative essay or a critical review essay, in a good compare and contrast essay sample all the aspects may not be covered. This is given the length and scope of the essay. Usually only a number of key points are compared, and contrasted. These points should be comprehensively covered. By referring to a compare and contrast essay sample, students will know how best to write this effectively.
Essay Writing Methods
A good sample can help students understand the essay format or presentation methods of data for this essay type. Selection of either method will be based on the student’s or professor’s preferences. Methods to follow in writing an essay paper of this nature are as follows:
Point method
Here students will have to compare and contrast the variables point by point. Every point should be discussed in a separate paragraph. If you were to consider two professions such as journalism and a fire fighter, then some of the similarities will be the excitement of the profession, the level of action orientation, etc. The differences may lie in equality in gender representation, involved glamour, required qualifications etc. In two professions should be compared and contrasted within different paragraphs allocated for these various dimensions.
Fire fighting is a very action oriented profession suited for individuals with a high drive for action. Similarly, journalism too calls for action oriented attitude in work where journalist follows various happenings around the world and tries to be where the news happens.
However, the two professions differ when it comes to the level of glamour involved. Journalism carries more glamorous image than the fire fighting profession. Journalists ranging from news anchors to action reporters are constantly in the media lime light. In contrast the fire fighters who put their lives on line to save others are rarely in the public eye in an individual basis.
Wedge method
In this method students should write all the points in a paragraph pertaining to one variable then write the points related t the other variable in a separate paragraph. Here the student will write all the points as the level of action orientation, the excitement, the glamour, and qualifications needed etc pertaining to fire fighting profession in one paragraph and then address same issues in another paragraph for the journalism profession. The comparisons of the two will then be addressed in a separate paragraph while the contrasting is done in another.
Writing a comparison contrast essay can be a reasonably difficult task for the students and referring to few comparison contrast essay samples can be an ideal way to deal with difficulties and write a professional essay.
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