Practical Tips For The Right College Essay Format

Let’s assume that you’ve completed all the mandatory admission tests and identified the colleges you want to apply to. There is now one more important aspect that you need to focus upon. This aspect has the power to sometimes turn the admission tests and your favor – that of writing an effective essay samples on our website.
1. Topic: Surprising though it may seem, choosing the right topic for your college essay is actually a critical component of your application. Choosing controversial, sensitive, religious and very personal topics may seem like good options, but if you have very strong opinions and fervent views around these areas, you may unintentionally be very assertive and seem narrow minded. For instance, choosing to write about your romantic escapades may seem like a passionate thing for you, but may not exactly entertain or impress the admission officers.
2. Title: Make it crisp and curious. Don’t worry about adding excessive words, flowery language and unnecessary punctuation marks. A broad title like ‘What I did in my childhood’ is less likely to draw the attention of the reader than a smart and crisp one like ‘Childhood – An Adult’s perspective.’
3. Content: Undoubtedly, your college essay needs to be absolutely free of grammatical and punctuation errors. What is equally, if not more significant, is the tone, body and intent of your essay. Give special emphasis and attention to these questions:
• How is your tone? Beware of getting carried away when you talk of your achievements. Try to have the right mix of accomplishment, confidence and humility without seeming egotistic.
• Is yourcollege essay loaded with grave and solemn words? Adding a dash of humor in the form of a subtle joke, a simple simile or a clever alliteration will certainly do the trick and lighten up your essay.
• What are you talking about? Is the content of your essay in sync with your title and with what you initially wanted to say? Keep looking back at the title to remind yourself about what you initially planned to elaborate on.
• How long is your essay? Remember, the admission officers are evaluating thousands of essays and don’t have time for essays beyond the prescribed word limit. Constantly remind yourself of the word limit. This becomes very important for you because later, while writing your research paper or term paper, there will be many occasions when you have to summarize an entire module or topic in a very few sentences.
Finally, once your essay is complete, run a thorough check for spelling and grammatical errors. It would do you no good at all if your essay was perfect in content but had a dozen spelling errors! Keep in mind that even if you’ve not done great in the other tests, you still have a chance for admission if you write your college essay in the right format.
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