Persuasive Essay Topics and Expository Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics and Expository Essay TopicsPersuasive essay topics are not very easily constructed when compared to other types of essays. They are a little more difficult than that. In an expository and persuasive essay the objectives are rather different.
In an expository essay, the writer gives a set of instructions to the readers on how to do a particular action or a series of actions. A perfect example is a recipe. It gives clear instructions about how a dish is prepared. In a persuasive essay, the objective is to convince the reader to do a particular action. In both the essays, the end result is to make the reader perform an action. But in an expository essay, they writer says ‘how to do it?’ and in a persuasive essay the writer says ‘why to do it?’ This is the main difference between a persuasive essay and an expository essay.
The following is a good example that reveals the difference also between persuasive essay topics and the expository essay topics. Custom research papers are also written on these lines.
Let us assume that a writer is doing an essay about eating junk food and reducing weight. A persuasive essay about daily exercise is likely to have the following lines.
Topic: Stop Eating Junk!
‘These days, everyone, right from a child to an adult eats junk food. What is so good about it that everyone wants to have it? It has liters of oil that can drown you if they are collected in a place! There is nothing nutritious about junk. You name it junk and that is what you have all the time! It is high time people realize that consumption of junk food causes obesity, thyroid and so many other diseases. You should either stop consuming it or at the least go to a gym and burn your calories!
The above was the example of persuasive essay topics. An expository essay on the same line would be the following.
Topic: How to reduce your consumption of junk?
Recently, people are caught in the frenzy o f eating junk all the time. Those who have realized that it is bad will want to reduce their consumption along with their weight. Daily walking is a simple way to burn calories. Go to a gym or perhaps a Yoga centre where you will learn how to control your breathing which will help you keep your body fit’.
Thus when the writer writes the persuasive essay, he assumes that the reader is against him. When he writes the expository essay, he knows that the writer is with him but need some more help and instructions from him. This is the main difference between a persuasive essay and the expository essay. There is also a difference in the title in that the persuasive essay topics put a plea or order but the informative essay topics merely states what the ways are to do something. Essay writing for a student essay like this becomes easy with some essay help.
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