Different Crime and Punishment Essay Topics

Different Crime and Punishment Essay TopicsCrime and punishment essay topics are really useful for students who are pursuing law and it can also be an interesting form of essay writing. There are many cold cases for which courts have not given a verdict, these types of cases can be written in the form of term paper writing or even as a research paper writing.
A sample essay topic can be given to writers to see how they are responding. There are many things that can be written for crime and punishment essay. Some of the suggestions are as follows:
• Rapes, sexual harassment, physical harassment and abusing are one of the most common crimes that happen to women nowadays. In under developing countries, a many countries a woman cannot walk alone in the street in the nights due to these fears. A very shocking aspect of sex crimes is how many go unreported. The crime and punishment essay topics can be enlightened to the women about the punishments given for such crimes.
• Women are not only the victims of sexual abuse but also children. Many children are afraid to report as the abusers are mostly friends or family members. The worst part is most of the children who are abused are under the age of six years and have no idea what sexual abuse is! The essay can enlighten the parents about child abuse and what are the difference that comes over a child after being sexually abused.
• Robbery is another common crime. Houses, shops, banks and even petrol bunks are being robbed for either money or material. If a serious robbery has been committed, then the punishment is up to fourteen years of imprisonment. For an attempted robbery, a punishment of maximum seven years. If there had been any violence, then it will be a life imprisonment or ten years and fine depending on the damage caused. The crime and punishment essay topics can be on such robberies.
• There are also serious crimes like serial killing, terrorists attacks, bombing, killing, etc for which there are serious punishments like hanging the accused, life imprisonment, etc. such writing essay topics can be researched and written.
• Crime and punishment for dealing with drugs, smuggling, etc are punished severely by the court of law. These can also make interesting topics.
• Bribery by government officials will make a very good to write essay. This will enlighten them about the different that’s happening around them.
Apart from these, there are many instances in which the officials fail to do their duty which has led to a lot of injustice. At times, the criminals themselves are let free who are mostly people with a lot of influence. At times, the government officials themselves fail to do their duty. These can also be taken as crime and punishment essay topics.
These are some of the ideas for forming topics for crime and punishment. These topics can also be eye openers for many people.
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