What is Exploratory Essay?

What is Exploratory Essay?Exploratory Essay- an Open Form of Academic Writing!
Exploratory essay is an open form of academic writing. The main objective of this essay is not answering or solving a problem, it provides an opportunity for the writer to contemplate a problem as a way to uncover some of its complexities. It is mostly written on the research process that is taking place. It is in the narrative form mostly. It gives that writer to think about the various avenues of the subject before uncovering some of the complexities. The highlight of this essay is that the writer will not have a specific conclusion when he or she starts to write the essay. The conclusion will be given by the writer after contemplating over the problem. The writer will decide upon the content and the conclusion according to the direction of the research.
Here are some of the points to be remembered while writing an exploratory essay:
The main points that are covered in the essay will be an answer to a question rather on the thesis. There are two main ways to approach this kind of essay. They are “in process” method that produces immediacy and the “retrospective” method that yields more artistically designed essays.
This type of essay is like a record for all the initiatives completed in the research until the writing of the essay. This will give an idea to the writer on the different avenues that has not been seen by the writer. They provide with the various plans and thinking and the results of these actions. They provide with the advantages and disadvantages of the research. They also give various solutions for a complex problem.
The highlight of this essay is that the conclusion can be given by the writer only after finishing the content as the solution should be given according to avenue of the problem. It is tough to pre determine the content that can be written for the essay.
These types of essays are technical and professional. They are usually written by professionals who are undergoing a research. Exploratory essay might be given by the professors to the students. The topics might be on famous experiments or researches that are taking place around the world. They are not subject based and are given to the students with main objective of enlightening them on the happenings around the world that will affect the economy. Students are required to use their mind rather than researching the subject or reading books about them. Once a student gets an idea about the subject, he or she should go about using their mind. The students should think about the solution for a problem. This type of essay will consume a lot of time as they require more of thinking than referring sources.
It is best to write down an essay outline for this kind of essay to save time. This is all about exploratory essay. To know more about it, visit custom essay!
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