Coursework on English Literature Class

Coursework on English Literature ClassWriting an English literature coursework makes 30% of the student’s final grade for English literature class which is studied at GCSE, A-level and college level. English literature embraces the investigation of various English writers of all times and centuries.
Writing an English literature coursework reflects the classroom practice and the student’s abilities to read and comprehend the required material. The student is required to show the skills in the specific genres, styles, describing the main characters, topic and other important aspects of written works.
A good English literature coursework also demands:
critical thinking skills and composition skills;
original research of the problem;
creative approach towards the study;
Writing an English Literature Coursework: Useful Hints
if possible, try to select a topic that appeals to you – when the writer is involved in the process of writing, time spins away;
be aware of the deadlines and stick to them – work out your personal plan that will help you to minimize efforts on time spent. Though writing an English literature coursework demands certain mood, you should work on the regular basis not to make big pauses in the writing process. When you come to writing your English literature coursework after 3 months of not even thinking of it you are most likely to fail writing in the same tone and manner, moreover, you may forget your previous achievements, or, what is worse, you may not find the materials available earlier.
take your time – do not hesitate to edit and rewrite your draft, an English literature coursework is more essential than any other writing paper which requires from you a careful attitude to the language used. Be sure to follow the rules of formal writing and your professor’s requirements.
consult your professor – he/she is the most reliable source of the information on your topic. This is his/her opinion you should care of the most. What is also important for your work is that your professor may know all your strengths and weaknesses which he/she can use in a proper way for your benefit.
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