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German CourseworkGerman coursework is the kind of academic paper that aims to investigate a certain phenomenon peculiar for the German language. If you study German, you will be certainly asked to write a German coursework and it will be a part of your exam. The grade you get for your German coursework will influence your exam grade as well. That is why you should pay special attention to writing your German courseworks. In order to be sure you get the best grade, you should think about the following points.
1.The more you read, the better you write.
It is important for writing a German coursework to get a good stock of books in German. Try to find more linking words and connectives. You should vary your language instead of using one and the same word for hundreds of times. It will make your German courseworks more authentic and interesting. You can also use such grammatical structures, as Auf einer Seite/auf anderer Seite/ einerseits/ andererseits. Be careful when using German articles. Remember that the choice of the article depends on the gender: der/die/das.
2.Your writing should be effective.
It would be much appreciated if you use more than one tense in your German coursework to show you are good at German grammar. If you are talking about your future plans, say what you would like to do and what you will do, e.g.: Ich werde Mathe studieren, weil ich auf die Uni gern würde. In this sentence you have the future and conditional tense.
3.Get the copy of the mark scheme.
If you know the requirements stated in the mark scheme, you will be able to meet them and write a good German coursework.
No doubts, you will write a good German coursework if you make use of the tips presented.
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