GCSE English Coursework

GCSE English CourseworkOne of the tasks, assigned to the students who have to take GCSE exams, is to write GCSE coursework. GCSE coursework can be on different subjects, English language in particular. GCSE English coursework implies that you will investigate a certain phenomenon of English language, thus, enlarge your scope in the field of linguistics and theory of language. Do you need any GCSE English coursework ideas? You may find them below.
GCSE English coursework: Borrowings in the English Language
Introduction. In the introductory part of your GCSE English coursework, you may present general information on the borrowings, their nature and peculiarities. In this part of your GCSE English coursework you have to set the purposes of your investigation. In your case, they will sound like: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the words that were borrowed from the foreign languages and settled in the English language. Do not forget about your expectations from research in the Introduction of your GCSE English coursework;
Data Presentation. To present data in the Main Body of your GCSE English courseworks, you will have to look through numerous dictionaries on the etymology of English words. Here you will not dispense with information coming from the linguists and experts in the English language.
Data Analysis. To write this part of your GCSE English coursework, you would better find any borrowings and make etymological analysis. Say what language the words came from and what historical events conduced to the emergence of this word in the English language;
Conclusions. This part of your GCSE English courseworks is devoted to the presentation of results obtained. Say how the borrowings affected the formation of modern English, what positive and negative sides of this phenomenon are. In the concluding part of your GCSE English coursework you should also tell how you managed to achieve the purposes set and how the methods chosen helped you with it.
In addition, do not forget to proofread your GCSE English coursework if you want to get the best grade.
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