The Truman Show Essay

Literary Analysis With The Truman Show Essay
The Truman Show essay should present an analysis of how circumstances can deceive the mind and how free will can change the destiny of human beings. “The Truman Show” was written by Andrew Niccol in 1998 and chronicles the journey of Truman Burbank, a real-life character created for a television show. Imagine a life that has been written for a real life person who enacts the role without realizing his entire life is being manipulated by the executive producer Christof. The objective is simple. Weave a story around the character and make him feel and react in a way that appeals to a television audience. Hidden cameras, a whole town full of actors, rumors, and beliefs are used to present a drama where all others except Truman know their role on the show. Truman is a simple character whose life revolves around the emotion of fear. He is told his father has died in a fishing accident. He is fed news that people meet with untold danger during their travels.
A literature essay can bring out the true feelings of a human being. His life has been manipulated for him, but his love for Sylvia, an actor on the show, is real and completely out of free will. Deception can work for a short period of time, and Truman soon realized that life is not meant to be this way. His intelligence helps him spot flaws in the set. On one occasion, he notices a spotlight falling from the sky. He is feeling distanced from his wife Meryl as his love for Sylia grows. Christof steps in and removes Sylvia from the show. Realization creeps in that Truman may revolt. He is determined to run away from it all. The Truman Show essay should be able to focus on how free will evolves and becomes all powerful when making decisions.
Sylvia on her part is mustering support for Truman’s escape from custody. The entire set has secret tunnels and hideouts created for the show. Truman discovers one in the basement where he lives and escapes. An analytical essay can elaborate on how he overcomes fear and wills himself to escape. The show is interrupted for the first time, as Truman has revolted. Christof realizes it would come to an end. He sends off his entire cast to go look for Truman. The essay analysis can point out how human spirit can sense freedom. Truman overcomes his fear of water. He escapes in a boat but is traced. To prevent him from escaping, the script is changed. The audience is shown a raging storm trying to prevent Truman from escaping.
Fortune favors the brave. Truman reaches the end of the set that appears to be a point where water meets the skyline. His boat actually wades through the scene, and an astonished but excited Truman sees an exit. Freedom awaits him, but Christof just will not let go. He tries one last time to dissuade Truman, who by this time has realized his life has been manipulated. He changes the script to his liking, bows to an applauding audience, and embraces freedom. The Truman Show essay can summarize on how free overcomes fear.
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