Social Science Research Papers: Essential Rules You Should Know

Social Science Research Papers: Essential Rules You Should KnowDo you think a social science research paper will be too difficult to complete? Then we have good news for you. Although preparing social science research papers is about some peculiarities and challenges, making projects of that kind is interesting and very useful.
In this article, we want to consider some essential rules of writing social science research papers.
The gist of social science research papers
First, you should know that social sciences comprise different disciplines: Psychology, History, Economics, Media studies, Sociology, Political Sciences, and some others. Conducting research within these disciplines requires using special research methods.
While completing the social science research paper, your major mission is to pose a certain question and then explore it to get an answer.
Social science research methodology
We have already mentioned that you will have to use specific social science research methods. These methods allow you to get necessary evidences to answer the main question of your paper.
The following social science research methods are usually used:
Making questionnaires and surveys;
Conducting experiments;
Making observations;
Making interviews, etc.
Structuring social science research papers
After you carry out necessary research, get all evidences, and make findings, you should report everything in the social science research paper.
As a rule, the following structure is used to organize social science projects:
An abstract that briefly summarizes the main goals of the work, methods, and findings;
An introduction that defines a problem, introduces a review of literature;
Description of the research methods used;
Presentation of the results;
Discussion of the results obtained;
Our next articles are devoted to such social science projects as research papers on gun violence and a legal research paper.
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