German Coursework

German Coursework
German Coursework
German coursework is worth 25% of your GCSE German mark. You should get well prepared in order to get a good mark. Remember that your degree depends on the mark.

You should work hard in order to succeed in German coursework writing. First of all, you should always enlarge your German vocabulary. You should read a lot of German books of different kinds. Every time you come across some word you do not know, you should look for its meaning in the dictionary. You should remember new phrases and word combinations.

It would be quite helpful for you to listen to the German radio or watch some German movie, as well. You should try to practise your German as much as possible in order to do a really good coursework in German. If it is possible to have some conversational practice of German, you should catch the chance. The higher your level of German is the better mark you will be able to get.

Writing your courseworks on German, you should vary your text, using different tenses and synonyms. It will show your teacher your high level of knowledge.

You should not translate English sentences into German word-by-word, because it may sound strange in German. Such transition may even have no sense. You should demonstrate your level of language in your coursework on German, so you should learn to think in German.

It will be very good if someone could help you. If your friends or your parents have ever written the German courseworks, they may give you quite a helpful advice. Besides, if you have some difficulties, you may turn to your German coursework advisor, who is always ready to help you.
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