French Coursework

French Coursework
French Coursework
French coursework is worth 25% of your GCSE mark. If you are going to write a perfect coursework on French, you should do your best.

We created this article in order to help you. Read it attentively and your French courseworks writing will turn out to be much easier.

You should read a lot

To write a good coursework on French, you have to read a lot of French books in order to increase your stock of words. While you are reading something, you should copy out the words the meaning of which you do not know. Do not forget then to find their significance in the dictionary.

You have to write your French courseworks on your own

It is very important to write the coursework on French in your own way. Besides, you should use more than one tense in your coursework on French. You should vary the tenses; otherwise your coursework will be quite boring and dull.

Do not translate word-by-word

You should not translate English text into French word-by-word. It is preferable that you wrote the original ideas in French. Show your knowledge of French. Besides, even if you translate something, check the meaning and the gender of the word in the dictionary.

Remember that your French courseworks will be evaluated by several criteria. They are:
Accuracy of the French coursework;
The quality of the language knowledge;
The quality of the content of coursework on French;
The level of grammar use.

Try to complete all the criteria while you are writing your courseworks on French in order to get an excellent mark.

If there appear some difficulties, you should turn to your teacher for help. You should also ask your teacher to revise your coursework after you finish it. If something appears to be too difficult, you should consult professionals, or you should not mention it in your coursework on French.
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