Of ‘Meese’ and Maple Leaves

Because of Canada’s proximity to the United States and its similarities to its neighbor, it ranks number 2 out of the top 10 major destinations for an education abroad.

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Practical Guidelines to Writing Successful College Essays and Term Papers

It almost goes without saying, but not quite, that you should thoroughly research your subject before you contemplate writing about it. Why? If you are going to write a college term paper or essay on a subject, you will be expected to have opinions and substantiate those opinions with hard facts to back up them up. Therefore, researching your subject means that you get straight in your head what your opinions are before you write.

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Online university education 101

With hectic working lives and the increasing cost of higher education, more and more people are opting for an online university education. You need a computer, a phone connection, and an Internet Service Provider before you register for an online course.

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How To Save Money While At College

Still struggling to pay off the college loan. Have you disconnected your cell phone fair to keep off those darn creditors. Need a quick beget rich scheme. Well, maybe not that merely in this article you volition discovery approximately practical ways on rescue money while attending your post secondary institution.

College volume prices rich person been rising along with the monetary value of tuition, and it is no wonder wherefore so many students wealthy person resorted t...

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Research Paper Topic Ideas

Research paper topic ideas are always difficult to come by. If your tutor sets the topic then you needs to find a different slant on it. If you can set your own where do you start? Here I give some ideas how to start your research paper and how to get a fresh idea on topics you are given.

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Why Pursue a Diploma?

Diploma programs can help you to get a new job - or even move up in your current position. Online diploma programs are an outstanding way to pursue dedicated training or continuing education courses without having to attend campus-based classes. Most employers look at additional training as an indicator that you are interested in furthering your career.

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Queen’s University

Queen’s University is one of the proud universities standing at northeastern part of Lake Ontario. It was originally founded by the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria in 1841, thus the name Queen’s University. It was in the year 1842 where the first ever class was held in the university. Being one of the pioneer degrees granting organization in the United Province of Canada, it has educated quite a number of Canada’s prominent political and cultural personalities.

The Queen’s...

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The Macro and Micro Worlds of Thea Alexander

Nothing in our modern world completely bears resemblance to the Macro world but it is easy to see how the Chinese Communist Party and other repressive regimes are accurate reflections of the rulers of the micro world.

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College Scholarship Myths You Need To Know

There are several types of scholarship grants out there. And the best part is you can get it everywhere. You can get it from your school academic office, colleges and universities, local government, corporations, institutions, and the internet. But the bad thing is, in spite the availability of these scholarships, applicants seem to be discourage for certain reasons. Here are the common myths you need to know before getting discourage on applying for a college scholarship:

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A week in the life of an online student

Ever wondered what it would be like to be taking college courses online? This entry will give you a flavor of how online classes are conducted and what you as the student have to do to be successful. The course I am taking is a human-computer interaction course for my Master's in Computer Education.

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