Beauty and Genetic Enhancement

Beauty and Genetic Enhancement
Nausea. To describe the whole situation in one word I would have to

choose nausea. The Expo center was packed with societies elite, eagerly

waiting the announcement of what the rumor mill had told them to be the most

important invention of the decade. The air was cold and damp, like that of a

hospital. Barley audible was the most annoying Michael Bolton song that I could

imagine. As I got entranced by the dullness of the situation I noticed that the

lights were slowly getting dimmer. As Michael Bolton's voice became silent, Dr.

Zimmerman spherical body came waddling out.

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The Beast Within

The Beast Within
The spawn knelt in the shadows of the corner. His iridescent eyes

searching the dark for his prey. A prey he knew very well, almost too well.

From the end of the stone corridor the spawn's ear picked out a single

disturbance. From behind the mask a man's mouth twisted in a smile and a thought

of satisfaction crossed his mind.

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Life As A Hummingbird

Life As A Hummingbird
I eased behind the huge mass of nesting material and took a firm hold of

several strands, I then pulled back, quickly, to pull them free. The jarring

concussion, which followed, took me by suprise. I tried to get my bearings as

the ground rushed up to meet me and recovered about two feet from the ground.

After that near miss I climbed back to the altitude I had been at and started

searching for my tormentor. I realized that I had grabbed hold of a human's hair

and that he had not been happy about it. He was rubbing his head and throwing

immense volumes of noise at me. Hummingbirds make mistakes just like everyone

else and more than most when trying to build and protect a nest.

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The Wall

The Wall
At precisely 10:30 A.M. I got a call from a Mr. Machiano saying that

while renovating a palace his men found the bones of what seamed to be a human

body. When I got to the scene one of his men showed me to the corps. It had

dirty, out-of-date clothes draped upon its remains with a piece a rope beside it.

I asked Mr. Machiano how the body was discovered.

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The Bath

The Bath
Johnny woke up, shivered, put on his robe over his sweats, got back got back

under the covers and went to sleep. Two hours later, the alarm by the TV woke up

a still chilly Johnny Black.

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Buried at Sea

Buried at Sea
"Ahh, there's no wind today," sighed Cobi as he tacked his sail around and

headed for the shore. Cobi was a sailor. Cobi wasn't a typical sailor, Cobi

was a National Championship winning sailor. A sailor who thrived on high winds

and rough seas, who has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in

Canadian sailing. He is the envy of every young sailor and child. They wish,

aspire, and dream to be like Cobi.

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Creative Destruction of Jobs

Creative Destruction of Jobs
The United States, along with many other countries is beginning to move to robotics to help with the workload of many companies. Working robots are becoming a more affordable and logical source of production. Pretty soon they will be found in all major factories. The problem with this is that robots are replacing humans on the job. Some people are saying that all robots should be banned from the work force. On the other hand, people are saying to use them as helpers only. However, there is a much better solution to this problem than the two previous stated. The most plausible solution to the robots pilfering human jobs would be to hire humans to supervise, build, and repair these robots.

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Ensuring Truth Within Creative Nonfiction

Ensuring Truth Within Creative Nonfiction
The difference between creative nonfiction and fiction is unassuming: fiction is derived from the fabrications of an author?s imagination, whereas creative nonfiction is contingent on facts. A novelist has the freedom to create scenes which never existed, whereas an author of creative nonfiction must convey a truthful story. However, the line between creative nonfiction and fiction, fact and falsehood, has become ever so thin as ?writers of memoir [have been] revealed to be frauds and fiction writers masquerade as memoirists in order to sell books?

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History and Future of Creative Writing on the Internet

History and Future of Creative Writing on the Internet
Creative Writing on the Internet has evolved from being mainly an educational tool used over a network realized by a limited number of people who had the technical knowledge to access the data, to a widespread phenomena including not only including educational purposes but also personal interests, hobbies, and private consumerism as current browser technology makes the Internet more user-friendly and easily approachable.

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Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class

Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class
Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class gives a very interesting look into the science behind creativity and a thorough understanding of the creative process. According to Florida, creativity is a cognitive ability separate from other mental functions and all aspects related to intelligence. Creative potential does benefit from intelligence though but creativity is still a capacity inherent to all but in varying degrees for each person.

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