Creative Story: The Dark House

Creative Story: The Dark House
Earlier today, John and I were taking a walk in the outskirts of the town,
when we saw an old house on top of a hill. I wanted to take a closer look at it,
but John looked a little spooked, and mumbled something about not wanting to go
there. I convinced him that there was nothing to be afraid of, it's just an old
house which haven't been occupied for a while, though I wasn't sure whether
someone really was living there. We walked up the driveway, up to the house. It
was huge. The place looked deserted, the grass wasn't mowed for ages, and
everything was a mess. John chew nails like crazy, but I still wanted to check
this place out.

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Creative Story: The Golden Sock

Creative Story: The Golden Sock
Years after Odysseus came from his twenty year trip, Odysseus began to feel
restless; he wanted to go on an adventure. He knew that his wife, Penelope
would not agree to his decision to go seek the long stolen, "golden sock". To
many people, this may be any ordinary sock, but to Ithica, it was different. It
was the sock worn on the first person to set foot on the land of Ithica.
Odysseus finally decided to go on the journey to seek the "golden sock." He
snuck away leaving Penelope a note telling where he is, and what he wants to do.
Him, and his hundred crew men went all the way to the Gibralter strait where he
was turned around by Charybdis' funnel, and stranded on the peninsula of Hubble.
He picked his best men to search the beautiful island.

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Creative Story: The Ride

Creative Story: The Ride
It was a beautiful day and definitely not forewarning of the events
that would change my life. The warm Las Vegas sun was shining brightly
in the blue and cloudless sky. A light breeze cooled the warm air just enough
to stop the body from sweating. The breeze was clean and crisp that blew along
with the scent of a spring day. The only noise was the roar of the engine as I
twisted the throttle and accelerated through the twisted roads near my home. As
everything raced by me, I felt a rush of adrenaline, then the fateful turn
approached. I had taken the turn a hundred times before but today it would
change my life. Around the turn would be my motorcycle accident that would
cause me to take life much more seriously.

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Creative Writing: A Sunday

Creative Writing: A Sunday
The leaving was easier than she thought.

All those nights practising it in her head. Just wanted to look at the gardens,
so pretty in the spring. Just wanted to see the gardens. Except in the end
nobody asked. She simply put on the good blue dress, combed her hair and walked
down the corridors, taking care over those polished tiles, and pushed out
through the heavy double doors.

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Creative Writing: The Big Scoop

Creative Writing: The Big Scoop
Hello, my name is Jack Williams. I am a reporter you have been hearing a lot
about and this is how I gathered my information for my article on "Computers,
Hacking, And USA's Citizens" that has been causing so much uproar in many states
and even in the government. Recently, people have claimed that I fantasized
everything in the report and that I should work in the fiction field in stead of
journalism, so here is the exact way I received my information for my story. I
will start from the top and I will try not to miss a detail so you can fully
understand me.

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Creative Writing: The Crash

Creative Writing: The Crash
........ as Jesse stumbled down the stairs, he could hear the weeping and he
knew that something had gone wrong. He cried out, "what's going on?"
"Jesse this is officer Potter, and he would like to talk to you," wept his

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Creative Writing: The Millers Tale

Creative Writing: The Millers Tale
This is a true tale of me and my life, or at least for a short while. The
day had started out so well, you see I had become somewhat of a owner of women.
I was interested in this becomes because of the free jobs that came with it. You
see because of my gorgeous looks the women had trouble seeing past it to the
real man in my pants, I mean in me. So why not just become an owner of women to
sell to others for nightly jobs and such and reap the benefits of it all. So
like I said, the day had gone perfectly until one of my women came down with a
sudden case of the backdoor trots.

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Creative writing - Great Expectations.

Creative writing - Great Expectations.
I looked unenthusiastically out of my bedroom window, wishing he
wouldn't turn up. He was at least 25 years old, with already a few
specks of grey in his hair. He was a lawyer and looked upon by many
respectful people, as a loyal, hard-working, decent man, yet somehow,
one person did not think so. Me - Lou Sade. Perhaps it is the way this
man greeted me, a flash of his disrespectful eyes tracing me from my
head to my toes, or the way he treated me when nobody was within
earshot, especially when not in the company of my father. His name was
Romulus but his close friends called him Rome. Rome Kamau.

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Creative Investigation

Creative Investigation
Creativity is fundamental aspect of every designer, to see thing in a new and unusual way, finding unique solution for problems. It is also a gift of human being, which machine or computer cannot reproduced. However, the term 'creativity' has not been clearly defined yet. This essay discusses about the creative method, techniques and idea generation of a designer, Jonathan Ive, who is the principle designer of the iMac, iPod, and iPhone.

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Creative People

Creative People
Dahlén (2008) illustrates creative people as being distinguished by five paradoxes. These paradoxes states that: creative people are characterized by a large measure of conventionality and rebelliousness; creative people make extensive use of both divergent and convergent thinking; creative people are characterized by the fact that they have both abundant energy and a great need for relaxation; creative people is the combination of humility and pride; and creative people are to a great extent both introverted and extroverted (Dahlén, 2008). Change and the accompanying uncertainty throw off ones equilibrium, yet it is these fluctuations, disturbances, and imbalances that are the primary sources of creativity.

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