Essay Types That Are Commonly Used

There are various essay types students can attempt in any subject. The assignment may be part of the curriculum where students may not have a choice in the selection of topics. It does not matter. Depending on the topic, students can decide on the type of essay to be attempted. It could be an argumentative essay, narrative essay, comparative essay, evaluation essay or personal essay.

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Everything You wanted To Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are being used as a modern replacement to batteries and other elements that make electricity possible. Solar panels have existed for a long time since 1839 but have not been used as much and as effectively as it is being done today.

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Different Interpretations to the term “Harvard Essay”

Be Clear of Your Assignment when it comes to Harvard Essay Writing Assignments
When faced with the decision to write a Harvard essay, it can be interpreted in three different ways. The first one is to write the essay in the Harvard writing style, the second is the writing of essays while you study in Harvard and the third is the writing of the application essay to enter Harvard. Let us take a closer look at these three methods.

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Brand Recall is the extent to which the name of the brand comes in the mind of the consumers in the context of that product category. For example, the brand ‘Bisleri’ comes in our mind immediately whenever we talk about mineral water.
IMT as a brand has a good brand positioning as it has always featured among the best B schools in India with the like of IIMs, IIFT, ISB, MDI, SP Jain etc. The various areas where it has performed consistently, be it placements, cultural exchange programme, student teacher ratio etc makes it a brand to reckon with.
Also, it has got a big Brand recall value. Whenever we talk about best private B Schools in India, IMT Ghaziabad always features in the top slot.

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Early Christianity Essay

Early Christianity EssayEarly Christians faced intermittent persecution from roman officials. During the early centuries C.E., Roman authorities launched a series of campaigns to stamp out Christianity, since most Christians refused to observe the state cults that honored emperors as divine beings. Paradoxically, imperial officials viewed Christians as irreligious because they declined to participate in state-approved religious ceremonies.

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Civil War Essay

Civil War Essay
Civil War Essay
If you think you can easily write a civil war essay, think again. It may be possible to find hundreds of resource materials for the civil war topic. But this does not mean you can actually write a quality paper out of those details and info available for you. There is a need for you to build the essay in the correct step of execution. We will give you some pointers on how to write a good civil war essay.

Civil war topics will always be a part f the students’ curriculum either in high school or college level. It means you will be required to write an essay about it anytime the situation permits. But how do we write a civil war essay? If you know that an essay has three major parts (introduction, body and conclusion) then you can write a civil war essay. But the main point of this article is to provide you the sense or the purpose in writing. Here are some of our suggestions for you.

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Synthesis Essay

Synthesis Essay
Synthesis Essay
Not all types of essays are constructed from the ideas and knowledge of the writer. In fact, there are some articles that you can only write after you have read something. This is the case when composing a synthesis essay. You know that writing an essay involves creating a topic right? But for a synthesis article, all you have to do is read another essay or essays and then condense the contents for your personal readers to understand.

The very start of synthesizing an essay is to read one document. It is possible that you will be given an article by your teacher. In extreme cases, you will be given more than one paper to read. Why is reading necessary? The term paper format of synthesis essays include the process of understanding one document and then rewriting the significant parts of it. Therefore, in order for you to relay the info, you have to carefully understand the contents of a reference article.

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Five Paragraph Essays

Five Paragraph Essays
College, university, and school studies are full of academic complications. Writing five paragraph essays is one of them. Papers of this type teach students to give structure to their writings, give them appropriate format and style. A five paragraph paper consists of an introductory paragraph, three paragraph of the body of the paper, and one paragraph conclusion.

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Exploratory Essay -Write as You Learn

Exploratory Essay -Write as You Learn
This type of essay as the very name suggests, explores the topic chosen, from all possible angles. It has no definite argument or position on the given subject and simply explores the theme. Exploratory essays are ‘flow essays’ that reach to a conclusion as the writer progresses more into the topic by exploring and analyzing it. So this essay is not the test of knowledge, it tests the learning capacity of a writer. As he researches into a topic and analyses it, he learns more on the subject, and this whole process is represented to the reader in the essay, who also becomes aware of the topic as a whole.

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Step by step guide to essay analysis

Step by step guide to essay analysis

Students are expected to write essays and learn all the techniques of essay writing. Some students find this difficult enough. But there is another task that is tougher and it is essay analysis. Pupils are asked to analyse someone else’s work. It can be frustrating and confusing. The job demands dedication and ability to dig deeper into others’ understanding of the topic. Is this scaring you? Here are the steps that you can follow to make the mission easier.

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