Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaurs, of all known animals, are quite popular mystifying creatures and are well identified by children of all ages. Dinosaurs were real and live animals that lived in most regions of the world and were completely wiped out 65 million years ago. The cause of their extinction is still debated but most of the researchers agree that when alive, the dinosaur dominated the wilds. We are aware of their existence by their remains, usually documented in bones, either found as com...


I interviewed Alicia Smith who attends the University of California at San Diego. I opened up the interview with a simple question asking her how she felt about the legality of the new rage in genetics: cloning. She said she thought that it is an extremely intriguing process but it should not be legal. I also asked her about how she felt on the subject of bringing back the dinosaurs. She said that even if we could come up with the dinosaur dna, we wouldn?t have the mediums to produce an actual dinosaur. In a recent movie titled Jurassic Park, their theory on bringing back dinosaurs was to use the blood from a misquito, that was preserved in hardened amber. She said it was a good idea but wouldn?t work because there wouldn?t be enough blood in the misquito to extract enough to get the dna code.


Whatever the cause, the dinosaurs are now gone. In a way, however, they
may remain. That is, many paleontologists consider birds almost certainly to
have evolved from some small bipedal dinosaur during the Jurassic. If so, the
children of the dinosaurs still exist today.

Theories of the Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Theories of the Extinction of the Dinosaurs
Controversy surrounds the extinction of the dinosaurs. According to one theory, dinosaurs were slowly driven to extinction by environmental changes linked to the creeping withdrawal of shallow seas from the continents at the end of the dinosaur era. Proponents of this theory propose that dinosaurs dwindled in number and variety over several million years.

Extinct Animals Research: Woolly Mammoth

Extinct Animals Research: Woolly Mammoth
We have learned much about the Woolly Mammoth almost more than any other
dinosaur that has been identified. Due to the fact that the Woolly Mammoth so
closely resembles today?s elephants, care for them would most probably require
most of the same factors to keep it alive. Since the Woolly Mammoth has been
extinct for 4000 years, it is difficult to tell exactly what they lived on, but
we can hypothesize.

Desert Problem For Young Earth Creation Science

Young-earth creationists have a problem. According to their creation model, all the fossil-bearing rock layers in the world need to be created during the Flood of Noah. Fossils, in ancient rock layers, imply that death occurred before the Fall of man, which is contrary to their interpretation of Scripture.

The most visible rock layers in the world are those in the Grand Canyon. For many years young-earth creation scientists have invested a lot of time and research into the...

High School Research Paper Topics

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The Fossil Record And Creation Science

Young earth creationists commonly point to the fossil record in order to support their position. In one instance, the article "The Fossil Record: Becoming More Random All the Time" by John Woodmorappe, has some very good points to it (Footnote 1). Read it if you like, (its a long one), but you don't have to much farther than the abstract to see problems. Actually, some are problems, and some are deceptions.

The abstract states that "The reality of the geologic column is pr...

New York City Schools See Success In New Century High Schools

In the 5 years since New York City Schools received funding from philanthropic giants like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Open Society Institute New Yorkers have watched closely the development of New Century High Schools (NCHS). The $70 million investment funded an initiative to create smaller high school communities in this vast metropolis. The goal is to provide children in New York City Schools with more choices to drive them towa...

Ideas for Writing a Scientific Essay

Science is a huge subject and pretty much impossible to encompass in a brief essay. So it’s best to pick one part of the field and concentrate your efforts on it. A scientific essay could be about something historical, such as astronomy and how it has changed from the early days of star gazing to telescopes to walking on the moon. An essay on the astrolabe alone could fill an essay. Needless to say, analytical essays are among the most interesting for a topic like this.